Monday, February 15, 2010

Where Am I..?

Wow. No new art to share. Sorry.

I haven't even been making any jewelry! There are several factors on which I would like to place blame (after all, it's only human to place the blame elsewhere besides yourself!).

First, Facebook. That is an evil, evil place. When I left home all those years ago, I RAN as fast as I could. Now I've reconnected with high school and college friends, and it's been really comforting to learn that our lives are a lot different, yet we are still friends after decades of not talking.

Second, New Job. Being an Assistant Principal has a steep learning curve, one that I'm trying my best not to fall off. The take home work isn't so bad, but the extra time a school sure is!

Third, Lack of Desire. I just haven't been motivated. I think it may be that I'm actually happy with my job now, and not trying to start a second career while still in my first.

I do have a Plan, however. It involves a solo canoe trip this summer. Just me, the wilderness, and some art supplies for a week. It's not a fully formed plan, but I'm thinking a journal of some sort. Pastels may not be practical, so I may dust off my watercolors...

If anyone has some good ideas, please let me know!