Sunday, March 1, 2009

OK, OK Already!

Sunrise on St. Mary's - 24 x 18" pastel on paper
I can tell everyone is getting antsy for a new painting. I've lost subscribers to my blog, and no one is emailing me anymore.
Well, here y'go. After a rather length vacation (yes, the project is finished - thank goodness!), I'm back at my easel.
The photo for this picture came from a fellow Etsy artist's blog. This picture presented some challenges. The biggest hurdle was keeping the waterfall and the surrounding rocks in a dark enough value range that the sunshine would be dominant. The original photo only had a hint of sun at the very top (and hardly any of the trees), so I had to make up the rest.
This painting is a good example of how a color can look differently depending on what it's background is. The sun highlights on the rocks to the right are actually a light orange color, but on the purple, they, too, take on a purple color - weird, huh?
I'm going to let it sit on my mantelpiece downstairs for a few days until I sign it. If you see anything that needs adjusting, let me know!
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