Monday, August 25, 2008

The Show Experience

Well, the show is over. It won't be hard to count my receipts because I only sold one painting. And that one sale was to a colleague who would have bought from me anyway. All the other artists around me said their sales were down, too. I would be interested to hear how other artists price their works. Do you go by size? Subject matter? Venue? I think my prices were a little high by this show's standards. But according to my research as other St. Louis art shows, my prices are right about in the middle.

Of course now it's hard to lower my prices since I have the gallery to consider. It would be very bad form to sell for lower than the gallery! I'll be delivering my paintings to her later this week, and I'll be sure to ask her advice about it then. My work will be featured at an upcoming show at her gallery in September entitled "Autumn Colors". I was able to hand out advertising materials which featured a painting of mine during the show this weekend. I hope to have good attendance there. I'm handing them out/sending them to anyone and everyone I can think of who would be interested (and able to) purchase original art.

A good factor about attending art shows is the contacts you make with the other artists. I talked with some from St. Louis and found a group who makes plein air outings monthly. they invited me to join them sometime, and I think I'm going to take them up on it. Keep an eye out for new work soon!

I would be interested in hearing of others' art show experiences, and how they price their works!

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magicmyst said...

Hi Matthew, sorry to hear that you only sold one painting. This year I have been busy entering many art shows. The start of the year I did really well.I was told my prices were probably a bit low, so I thought I will raise the bar and increase my prices. Guess what? I haven't sold a thing since. I have decided to drop my prices once again because I figure turn over is much more important then larger profits. Not selling my art means I am stuck with older pieces that I have moved on from mentally and I can't afford or justify framing any further art until I actually sell something. I have been given various advice, make them small as small pieces sell. Now, I don't like to create too small, I prefer large. The other thing to consider is the economic climate at present, I believe America like Australia are having problems with high food costs, rising petrol etc, causing people to spend less on luxury items like art.I think I need to get into a gallery so that I have pieces constantly on show. Need to work out a stratergy to do this. Don't give up! Kay