Thursday, October 2, 2008

Glacier Ice

Here's a pretty pile of blue. Here's what was going through my head as I developed this design:

  1. I wanted to use this Peruvian Opal that I found at a bead show a year ago (the light blue beads that look like candy in the photo above).
  2. Silver always goes well with blue - brings out the coolness.
  3. I really like making random patterns.
  4. I also really like the look and idea of a 48" necklace that you can layer (or not)

So, I made a palette of colors that could go in this piece. I don't often use the seed beads (the itty bitty ones), but they gave space between the opal pieces, making them stand out since there is such a differential between the two. I added some milky glass stones, too, in order to expand the color range a tad. Now it could be worn with pinks, too. Usually I use the milky glass with lavender or pink crystal.

The result is a right pretty piece that matches my wife's eyes...

The next dilemma was to come up with a name that would be catchy but not too kitsch-y. Robin's egg is too cliche, light blue is boring, ice blue is a tad over-used, too. Even though it reminded me of my wife's eyes, naming it after her wouldn't mean anything to anyone but the two of us. Hmm. Glacier Blue. Caribbean Blue. Cerulean Blue. Ocean Blue. Sky blue (boring). I think I like Glacier Blue.

My Etsy site is coming along! In fact, this little pretty is on there for purchase if you're interested...

Until next time, when I have some hammered silver earrings to share...

Pastel (and Jewelry) Guy


iOumou said...

you work is sooo beautiful

Lucy said...

Glacier Blue is beautiful and how sweet that it is inspired by your wife :)