Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Christmas in October...?

Yep. It's true. 71 days.

I just counted each little box on the calendar, because sometimes I just don't trust my head to do math (like somehow counting each one is more reliable than adding up bigger numbers!). There are 71 days until Christmas. (For those of you out there who celebrate something else, you might want to ignore this post.)

While I always decry the retailers whose Christmas display outshines their Halloween one, I made my little shop on Etsy in October to take advantage of gifting, so I thought I'd better get crankin' on some stock. Yep, I like to think positively!

Therefore, I thought that I would start with my Christmas earring collection. This design is an old one for Studio 206. I came up with it about 7 years ago when I was in the transition between stained glass and jewelry. Every year, I make about 15 - 20 pairs, and each year I swear I will never make them again.

Then they all sell, and I'm happy....and another year goes by, and before you know it, I'm back in the studio cutting out little triangles of green glass.

I've also made them with green mirror glass, which is pretty cool, too. I thought they might not be as popular since they are grey on the back, but no! I guess the extra sparkle on the front make up for it!

So it you're the type who decorates for (or at least starts thinking about) the holidays as soon as the jack-o-lanterns disappear, then visit my Etsy shop. They're $25 plus shipping ($3).

After all, you only have 71 days left to wear them!

Until next time...

Pastel(and whatever)Guy

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