Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Found Myself!

Yesterday, as I was scrolling through my blogroll looking for procrastination material (you know you do it, too!), I found myself.

OK, so it was only the link to my blog on Rena Klingenberg's blog, but hey! I'll take it. Seems she liked myJewelry making Tutorial I and Tutorial II where I photographed a silversmithed pair of earrings from conception to completion. I don't know if anyone liked it, because no one has left a message...hint...

I'm off to go prepare for a jewelry show tomorrow at work. You'd think that after 5 years of showing my wares to the same group, they would be tired of it, but they keep asking for it back again!

Until tomorrow,

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magicmyst said...

I'll post a comment here and let you know that I find your tutorials fascinating. Good luck selling to your work colleagues. Right time of year, to make great sales with such gorgeous pieces. Just blame it on the economy if sales are down on last year. Kay