Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Peek in My Sketchbook

Janice, a fellow jewelry blogger, gave me a great idea for today's blog: a glimpse at my sketchbook. Actually, my jewelry ideas are kept on scraps of paper (the white one, below, is the back of one of my son's papers from school), while my pastels sketches are in a proper sketchbook. ...(don't ask) They then get clipped on a post in my garage ("studio"). See pic, above.

This page shows a couple of earring ideas plus a couple of pendant ideas. I've come close to making the ones on the top left, but kinda forgot about the others. Hmmm.

These two yellow pages show a few more earring ideas which were sketched on scrap paper and tacked up on my Idea Post. You can see that the last one here on the bottom has some notes next to it. I actually made these and made notes to myself for the next time I work with this motif. In fact, this idea led me to make my fuschia earrings which sell very well, and that I have for sale on Etsy (see link, above).

So, thanks, Janice, for your inspiration today. If nothing else, it made me revisit these ideas, and gave me some renewed inspiration for this weekend!

Happy arting!
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magicmyst said...

It's good to see how people start their ideas and sketch. Kay

Janice said...

d help!! Looking at mine, not in the book, but uploaded on the computer actaully gave me new perspective on a couple of sketches as well. So I guess we both won out with renewed inspiration!

Dana Marie said...

These are all beautiful, but my favorite has to be the tree "pendant" on the first page...I think that would be a huge seller!

~ Dana Marie