Saturday, November 1, 2008

What's on the Menu?

Another Halloween is done and over with. Whew!

Trick-or-treating with the young-uns and the cousins over for another year. (Of course the parent-tax that is incurred for such shuttling around is pretty sweet - no pun intended!)

That means everything scary is over for another year, right? WRONG! In a last ditch effort to gain ratings, I have decided to join NaBloPoMo. Yep, I'm a first-timer at this thing, but it sounds fun. *insert scream of mortal terror*

National Blog Posting Month is just that - y'all are going to have to be burdened with my witticisms on a daily basis for thirty whole days.

It's as if I have all this time on my hands. As if I'm a stay-at-home Dad. (We did play the McDonald's Monopoly in hopes of the 20-year annuity, but to no avail *pouty lip*

But never fear! I have some things planned. I spent several hours today making jewelry, so that should last a while. Then there was Halloween at school. That's always fodder for some good stories (think projectile vomit in a crowded classroom!).

Then there's the large blog posting I'm planning for (think jewelry how-to with pix!).

Oh, and all the stuff happening with education these days (I mean seriously! What have I gotten myself into?). NCLB, RtI, AYP - makes my head spin!

But one thing that won't be included - no politics! Of course I'll be casting my vote for the right choice on Tuesday, but after that, it's up to the rest of everyone else. if anyone would take me seriously enough to follow my advice anyway! I mean, if seventh graders don't listen to me, what makes me think that y'all would?!

*Deep breath* OK, I'm good. Was starting to get all fired up there for a minute!

The pumpkins above were carved by my precious children, and the photo taken by moi. And it's a pretty darn good one, if I do say so myself! I guess the wad o' cash I dropped on that baby back in January was finally worth it. The exposure ended up being about 8 seconds.

So, peace out. I'll be talking to you again tomorrow!

Pastel (and whatever) Guy


Essentially Me said...

Good luck! I did this last year and it was kind of difficult to come up with things to say everyday. Just post pictures of your pretty jewelry!

Travis Erwin said...

Good luck on a post a day.