Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Zero is the Hero!

Humor me.

Even if you're not the artistic type (I know, there are some of you out there who are reading this), go ahead. Do it.

Just for fun, test the artistic eye within you, and take the hue test.

It's designed to see how good your eyes are at discerning color differences. This test gives you one hundred blocks in four sets, and you have to click and drag the boxes in order to put the colored squares in order. (Once you click on the site, find your country and click on it - I know it works for 'United States' at least!)

The results then let you see what colors you may have trouble seeing (or at least discerning). A score of zero is perfect. I suspect that most of you will score a zero - like me!

Pastel Guy - pastel paintings


Katie said...

I definitely got a 16.

Not bad, but not good either. When I compared my score @ the end, the highest is over 1400 or so. At least I'm in the teens! :)

The blues were where I went awry.

magicmyst said...

Well i didn't score 0, I scored 22. I think there is something wrong with my eyes. They were hurting a lot having to concentrate on the computer screen so hard. Maybe its just old age.

Dana Marie said...

Okay, I won't blame my score of 8 on the fact I'm sick nor will I blame the fact that it's 20 to 2am. ;P

Okay, I'm off to bed, so I can get up in time to make it to the first day of the Winnter Farmer's Market at 8am!

Have a great weekend!

~ Dana Marie

Mei (WireBlissMei) said...

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Melissa in NJ said...

What a great little test. I always knew I had good color eye (very helpful for a quilter/jewelry maker). I scored a 4. I think with a better monitor I could score down to a 0. I think I'll try this one out on my husband and share with my quilting friends.

Thanks for sharing!

Jo Castillo said...

I failed miserably, I won't say how bad. Age, I hope. I will go try it now that I am awake and post a link on my blog. Thanks Matthew, for sharing this.

I am amazed at your remodeling, by the way.