Sunday, March 1, 2009

OK, OK Already!

Sunrise on St. Mary's - 24 x 18" pastel on paper
I can tell everyone is getting antsy for a new painting. I've lost subscribers to my blog, and no one is emailing me anymore.
Well, here y'go. After a rather length vacation (yes, the project is finished - thank goodness!), I'm back at my easel.
The photo for this picture came from a fellow Etsy artist's blog. This picture presented some challenges. The biggest hurdle was keeping the waterfall and the surrounding rocks in a dark enough value range that the sunshine would be dominant. The original photo only had a hint of sun at the very top (and hardly any of the trees), so I had to make up the rest.
This painting is a good example of how a color can look differently depending on what it's background is. The sun highlights on the rocks to the right are actually a light orange color, but on the purple, they, too, take on a purple color - weird, huh?
I'm going to let it sit on my mantelpiece downstairs for a few days until I sign it. If you see anything that needs adjusting, let me know!
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magicmyst said...

Hi Matt, glad to see another painting finally. Love the colors and the rocks and trees. Just wondering about the waterfall. Do you think the lines are too strong. Maybe they need to be broken up a bit especially the diaganal on the right. I am no expert and it is just a suggestion.

Tammie Lee said...

Wonderful painting and fun to read how you went about it. You captured the light really well.I went and looked at Judy's photo as well, lovely. So much beauty around here!

Brandy said...

That's amazing! I wish I had a talent like this!

Adriana Meiss said...

I'm so glad you're painting again!
I really like your version of the photo, especially the way you handled the rocks and the light on the tree tops. I'm a little hesitant about suggesting something, but perhaps a few, very very thin water ripples in the foreground to tie the whole thing together. Whatever you do, do not touch the ones at the bottom of the waterfall because they read so well.

egan said...

I see Leonarde Dicaprio at the bottom of the waterfall and that hot French sidekick, Virginie Ledoyen.

magicmyst said...

Hey Matt, where are you? I hope everything is all right or are you sick of blogging? Run out of steam?

Jo Castillo said...

It is great to see you painting again. Nice job on this. Very effective water fall. Good light on the trees, too

sid said...

stunning. really, really stunning

magicmyst said...

Okay Matt, your blog after so much activity has stopped working. I hope you find some time to paint and post soon.