Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jewelry Time!

Mmm. New camera and new camera setup to capture the nuances and subtleties of my jewelry. I'd like to leave the photography to the experts, but a) they are expensive, and b) I really need nice pix of my stuff so that it doesn't look like somebody's hobby (even though it is...). This is tough stuff. I just need someone to come over and say, "rotate the dial Push this button, and Wham! Perfect picture. I guess everyone is allowed some secret fantasies.
Although my last blogs have been about pastels and plein air, I've made a switcheroo to (semi)precious stones. i need some great ideas for my 2008 collection. A couple years ago, I had to start making annual collections, because otherwise my faithful following would dwindle to nothing because they had everything. It gets a little harder each year, however. I think this year, with the price of gold and silver going through the roof, I might try to do more with colored stones and beads. Last year, I had great success with hammered silver earrings, and although there have been several requests for same, I will probably stay away from too much silver. I don't think my clientele is ready for a doubling of prices!
As far as colors go, I think pink is still good, and lime green and brown are still in enough to use. Black is always the best seller, and it seems as though purple has enjoyed a comeback. As a straight guy trying to navigate the fashion world I need all the help I can get. Comments? Suggestions?
I'm gonna try to get some of my things online to sell. If anyone knows of easy websites/programs/companies to use, please let me know. Several artsy friends have recommended Etsy. Whaddya think?


magicmyst said...

Hi Matthew, Its great to see your blog back and happening. The art show looks really great. I love the hanging space available. It looks like the pictures could really be viewed to their full advantage.Your jewelry is very appealing. This bracelet apears to have an african tribal influence. You are very talented to be so multiskilled. How did the art show sell?

Tori said...

I really like this bracelet. Keep up the good work!