Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Little Bit of Autumn

Since this is the first full day of autumn, here's a pair of earrings just for this season. Brass, Swarovski crystal, and pressed glass on sterling wire mimic the falling leaves. $20. I really like working with longer/bigger earrings. I'm always trying to get women to wear them a little bigger. Take the plunge! Make a statement! By putting each segment on its own wire, these earrings move well. If you put too many beads on a single wire, they get all stiff, and when the woman swings her head, watch out! The whole kit and kaboodle makes like a weed eater off the old earlobe.

I think I'm finally getting the hang of the photography thing. I tried and tried to get them against a white background, but it always ended up a dirty white..yuck. So I intentionally gave them a grey background, and viola! The neutral background with a slight graduation of color really makes the colors pop. Add a tiny black border around each one, and it looks like a winner - at least for now. I also like how the macro lens really shows good resolution of the image.

Yesterday, I blogged about rearranging my garage so that I could have a permanent setup for my camera and photography accessories (OK, for my TOYS!). So far, so good! I also think my wife appreciates having the dining room chairs back...

Until the next new thing,


Morgan the (Almost) Muse said...

Those are beautiful! You make jewelery? That is seriously cool. I will have to try the bigger thing, but I have a small face.
By the way, I found you by your comment on Clever Girl.

Katie said...

That's beautiful! :D

You definitely have some talent right there!