Saturday, November 8, 2008

Status Check!

Whew! It's been awfully busy around here!

State Certification exams in the morning, jewelry making in the afternoon, family time at night...when'm'I supposed to blog?

The photo here is my studio table this afternoon. If you look closely, you can see some of the earrings I have posted on my blog or on Etsy. I have a show coming up at one of the local elementary schools soon, so I'm trying to get a bunch of earrings together, since those are what sell the best. There are little crystal Christmas trees and hammered silver loops.

What I really need is for some store to come and buy the whole lot all at once. (And while I'm dreaming, let's just say they want me to create a Spring Line for them. Oh, and they're interested in my pastels as well - apparently they would make beautiful prints to sell nationwide through higher end furniture and accessory markets).

Tomorrow, I have a spot in the Jewelry Showcase on Etsy. I'll see if I can wield my snipping tool well enough to share it with everyone. Let's hope for lots of early Christmas shoppers! I've been busy trying to refine my photography, and make it more in line of what's on Etsy, so hopefully my wares will be included in more treasuries, and will be more enticing to those who're shopping.

I hope you're feeling productive and happy!

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magicmyst said...

Hi Matt, I find your blog so newsy which is great because it is extremely interesting.Do you talk a lot as well? Good luck with your jewellrey sales. I think you should do really well. Right time of year and perfect gift for someone special. More useful then pastel pictures, unfortunately. I have put some of my sketches in an unframed show at a shopping centre this week. I am hoping they aren't too stupid to sell. Not very confident. They are priced very bottom end so hoping that they might make a little cash before Chrissy. Kay