Friday, November 21, 2008

Up and Down

Today was a day of ups and downs...

My first period class was enjoyable. Then, during 7th hour, I think my blood pressure spiked. Went to see Bolt (the new Disney movie) with my son after school (good movie, great time with him), came home to pest control people not doing what they were supposed to and the dog eating my supper. Ten came a nice full tumbler of whiskey. So now I think I'll go to bed while it's on the upswing, even though it's only 8:22 at night.

Here's to NaBloPoMo!



Travis Erwin said...

Sounds like a well rounded day.

Judy Elizabeth said...

Dear Matt...does not sound like you had a very good day...however, I love your stained glass piece of art! Beautiful...and watch those tumblers full...they can get you in trouble!

Cheers, Judy Elizabeth