Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dreams Do Come True

On my Christmas List this year, I put the new Blackberry Storm at the top of my list. However, my adoring, perfect, wonderful, and loving wife did a lot of research, and found that the new Samsung Omnia would be a better option.
And so it was the last present I opened.
As a result, I have spent the entire day fussing with it - going to the dealer to get it turned on and to have my Contacts switched over, learning how to put my email account into it, and figuring out how to justify its purchase by making it (and myself) even more technologically literate by joining Twitter. Now I just need to figure out how to update to this here rag from my *new* phone.
But Christmas was good for everyone in this house. My son is enjoying his Wii, my daughter has a new sewing machine and a guitar to play around with, and my wife is figuring out which spinning bike she will use the most here at home (she's already a gym rat at Gold's!).
More posts later (with pictures!). I think we may be painting the bedroom and replacing the carpet with hardwood this next week, so the postings may not be art related - WARNING!
Until next time,
Pastel Guy - pastel paintings


realryder said...

Hi Matthew,

Nice work on the blog. Pardon my intrusion, but I see an opportunity for you to return the favor your wife bestowed by doing such thorough research on you behalf regarding your new phone... You can introduce her to the industry-leading, cutting edge, indoor bike (since you mentioned she was in the market). The Realryder is a newly introduced, state of the art, piece of exercise equipment that will blow her away. We were recently crowned the best indoor bike in an independent comparison by "The Fitness Professor". Our bike moves like a real bike encouraging balance awareness, core use, and a much more interesting ride -- all while getting the cardio workout indoor cyclists are accustomed to. Again, apologies for jumping into your blog to promote my baby; we are a young company with a new product and I can't help but try to spread the word to people who could benefit from our technology. Happy new year. - Colin

PastelGuy said...

I just looked up your website,, and read through it. Looks great! I know she looked at a Kettler yesterday in St. Louis, but didn't like the fact that you couldn't stand up on it. How does your bike work for people who are into spinning (she's a certified instructor)?